Hypervision Portal

Control smartly all your buildings on a single interface.

Visuel 3D de la plateforme Hypervision

Optimize the energy and operational
performance of your buildings!

Visuel Hypervision du portail moderne pour la gestion multisites
360° vision

A modern portal for multi-site management

  • A macro view of the entire fleet for unified management
  • Visualize, control and automate your building portfolio remotely on a global scale
  • Track in real-time and compare key indicators for each building
Visuel Hypervision du jumeau numérique
3D view

Digital Twin

  • A virtual 3D representation for each of your buildings
  • An overview of the general performance of the building: alarms, consumption, temperature, etc.

  • A breakdown of the building's zones (e.g.: parking lot, gallery, shopping center, etc.)
Visuel hypervision de la supervision et du pilotage des bâtiments
monitoring of facilities

Supervision and control

  • A dynamic map of the building to navigate between floors and easily access equipment.

  • Supervise, control and automate your installations in a few clicks.

  • Follow in real time the state of your building and the history of alarms.
Visuel Hypervision de la vue interactive par équipement

Interactive view by equipment

  • Direct and intuitive interaction with all your equipment a finest level.
  • Analyze and compare multiple data on the same graph.

  • Follow in real time the status of each equipment and be alerted in case of malfunction.
  • Quickly set up an electrical load shedding to avoid exceeding the suscribed power.
Visuel hypervision de l'automatisation et la programmation horaire

Automation and time scheduling

  • Create annual time schedules applicable to one or more buildings.

  • Manage national, regional and local calendars with the ability to apply conditions based on IoT probes or sensors.

  • Set up exceptional time schedules and manual forcing to respond to temporary situations.
Visuel Hypervision de l'efficacité energétique

Energy efficiency

  • Track energy consumption and load curves with our sub-meters.
  • Analyze and compare consumption over several periods, taking into account the UDD (Unified Daylight Savings Time).

  • Detect equipment consumption deviations and be instantly alerted for a quick return to normal.
Visuel Hypervision de la supervision de la qualité de l'air

Air quality monitoring

  • Reduce the risk of illness and absenteeism with proper CO2 levels.

  • Ensure a pleasant working environment and better control over the surrounding environment to satisfy the occupants.

  • Be notified by email or SMS when CO2, fine particles and volatile organic compounds thresholds are exceeded.
Visuel Hypervision des QR Codes
QR Code

QR Code

  • Easily create secure QR Codes to gives users the possibility to control certain equipment (lighting, set temperature) in your buildings.

  • Adapt the use of the equipment according to the specific needs (night shift, maintenance workers).

A single portal for all your buildings


Intuitive interface

The platform is designed to be easy to use and easy to navigate as soon as you start using it.


Scalable solution

Constant updates of the solution with the addition of new features to meet the constant needs of occupants and managers.

efficacité énergétique

Energy efficiency

Supervise all your consumption and remotely control all your equipment to achieve the objectives set by the Tertiary Decree.

Choose to optimize your building management

Building management has never been easier !

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