Building Operating System

Centralize all your building data on an open and interoperable platform.

Visuel en 3D des applications du Building Operating System

The BOS, booster of your Smart Building projects

What is a BOS ?

The Building Operating System (BOS) is an interoperability platform that connects the equipment and services used by building managers and occupants.

How does a BOS work ?

The BOS centralizes data from different sources to unify and enrich them in a single repository in order to facilitate the deployment of new high value-added services: energy efficiency, digital twin, predictive maintenance, space management, comfort, etc.

Sensinov, a complete solution

The Sensinov offer includes the Sensi'box, the BOS as well as our Hypervision portal which allows you to : visualize, control and automate the management of your real estate.

Exploit the buildings of the future, add value to your
real estate assets and control of your costs.


Strengthen the security of your buildings

We have implemented a set of protection measures and mechanisms in our BOS architecture :

  • Secure connection with the latest technologies: apply specific clearances to limit data access.

  • Protected data stored in the cloud: your solution complies with approved standards and the requirements of the GDRP on the processing of personal data.

  • Regular updates of our solution, encrypted and tracked operations.
Visuel en 3D pour le renforcement de la sécurité des bâtiments
Visuel en 3D de l'hybridation des équipements existants avec les nouvelles technologies

Hybridization of existing equipment with new technologies

The BOS is an interoperability platform that ensures the collection of data from different sources :

  • Traditional equipment : BMS, HVAC, lighting, meters, alarms, etc.

  • Non-intrusive IoT sensors : air quality, comfort, presence, luminosity, leak detection, etc.

  • External data : weather, CMMS, BIM, load shedding, etc.
service platform

Develop new services without technical limitations

Manage the services you offer to your occupants centrally on your Building Operating System.

Share your data easily with existing information systems (CMMS, BIM) via an open and secure API.

Easily develop new applications : energy efficiency, predictive maintenance, space optimization... thanks to a rich SDK catalog.

Visuel Hypervision du développement des nouveaux services sans aucune limite technique

With the BOS (Building Operating System) and the already developed catalog of IoT connectors,
easily connect a wide variety of IoT devices from different vendors and technologies
ModBus, BACnet, LoRa, Sigfox, and other industrial protocols) to a single management platform.

Visuel du Building Operating System et du catalogue de connecteurs IoT déjà développés

Connect and evolve your buildings with your Building Operating System

R2S Ready

100% compatible with the latest Smart Building standards, Sensinov's solution is scalable and sustainable.


We offer the solution in SaaS mode and it can be accessed from anywhere via a web browser.

Simple installation

Plug & Play of new integrated sensors without modifying existing systems.

Choose to optimize your building management

Building management has never been easier !

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