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Sensinov is redefining the smart building industry by combining our team's ideas with those of our customers to create an intuitive solution tailored to all your needs.

Together, we are evolving the smart-building experience towards an ecological and digital transition.

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Our values

We are committed to ensuring that our solution reflects the values held by each member of Sensinov.

We advocate open-mindedness where the competition is confining. Innovation is at the heart of our value system.

The Human Factor

Our success only depend onb a fulfilled, autonomous and responsible team.
We favour a long-term relationship with our partners.


Our customers will judge us on our results, and their satisfaction will be our first indicator of success.


We strongly advocate for transparency in our relationships : firstly within the Sensinov Team, but also with our clients and partners.


Our recruitment steps

Telephone interview

First, you will have an interview with Léa, our HR and Administrative Assistant.

Case study

An on-site meeting with a case study to be handed in.

Final interview

An on-site interview with Alexandre Ponton, our Sales & Marketing Director, and with Mahdi Ben Alaya, our CEO.

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