Your intelligent building management solution

We simplify your building management. Visualize, control, and automate your building assets in just a few clicks.

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Connect all your data sources
and control your buildings on a single interface.

Optimize the operation of your buildings

Halve the number of on-site interventions.

Automate your daily tasks and control your equipment remotely.

Reduce your annual management budget.

consommation énergétique
Reduce energy consumption

Reduce your energy bill by up to 30%.

Adapt equipment consumption to the life of the building.

Automatically detect and correct drifts and anomalies.

Reach all your goals to meet the tertiary decree.

confort occupants
Improve occupants' comfort

Increase user productivity by up to 30% by improving air quality.

Reduce the risk of illness and absenteeism by monitoring the CO2 level in your buildings.

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Simple & powerful

Hypervision Portal

The Hypervision Portal offers a global and modern view of multi-site management.

From a single interface, automate the operation of all your equipment, optimize your energy performance, and be alerted in real-time in case of drift.

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The Building Operating System

The BOS is an interoperable platform that centralizes all building data in order to unify and enhance it in a single database.

It simplifies the deployment of new high added value services: energy efficiency, digital twin, predictive maintenance, space management, comfort, etc.

Discover the bos
an efficient bms

Sensi'box, a new generation of BMS

The Sensi'box is a pre-wired, ready-to-use unit that can be installed in your building in just a few days.

It allows you to control all building equipment: HVAC, lighting, energy production and storage, energy meters, sensors, IoT sensors, alarms, faults, etc.

Discover the sensi'box
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With Sensinov, you can optimize the management of your buildings: meeting room management, air conditioning control, lighting, and blinds. Enhance the value of your real estate and promote user comfort in your buildings.


Increase the competitiveness of your shopping centers and boost their performance. Reduce the number of on-site interventions, eliminate manual meter reading rounds, and reduce your energy consumption by 1.5 times.


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We now have a solution to manage our diversified real estate portfolio. Interoperability is the key to accelerating our digital management and improving our energy efficiency.
National Technical Direction Real Estate Operations - Carrefour Property Management
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With Sensinov, we can know how the building works, what our equipment consumes and how to control it to reduce our costs.
National Technical Site Manager Property Operations -
Carrefour Property Gestion
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534 000 m²
of managed space
energy savings achieved
478 tons
of CO2 saved

Choose to optimize your building management

Building management has never been easier !

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