BACS and Tertiary decrees: accelerators of BMS development

Today, buildings account for almost 40% of the energy consumed in France and are also responsible for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions. This requires a real awareness of the role of the building sector in global warming and its consequences: heat waves, earthquakes, droughts, hurricanes, etc.

Decrees have therefore been passed which are the result of a need for significant change in the control of consumption generated by tertiary buildings: the Tertiary Decree and the BACS Decree.

These two decrees underline the central role of the integration of BMS in tertiary buildings in order to comply with the resulting obligations.

What is the BACS Decree ?

The BACS decree, unlike the tertiary decree, does not define targets to be reached but rather corresponds to a monitoring obligation.

It provides for tertiary buildings to be equipped with automation and control systems, more commonly known as BMS, by 1 January 2025. For new buildings, the obligation applies to building permits submitted from 21 July 2021.

The buildings concerned are equipped with a heating and/or air conditioning system, whether or not combined with a ventilation system, with a rated output of more than 290 kW. The level of requirement for the BMS is high as the decree requires the installation of a class A or B BMS according to EN 15232.

What is the Tertiary Decree ?

The tertiary sector decree specifies the terms of application of article 175 of the ELAN law on the reduction of energy consumption in tertiary sector buildings.

The buildings concerned are those where tertiary activities are carried out with a surface area of over 1000m2. The decree provides for a reduction in the energy consumption of buildings of 40% by 2030, 50% by 2040 and 60% by 2050 in relation to consumption in a reference year that cannot be earlier than 2010.

What is the place of BMS in the application of the BACS Decree and the Tertiary Decree?

It is certain that the deployment of BMS will accelerate in the next few years because, on the one hand, they are imposed by the BACS decree and, on the other hand, they play an essential role in the better monitoring and piloting of buildings to help managers meet the obligations of the tertiary decree.

Following curves and analysing data are not enough to achieve the objectives set by the tertiary decree. It is now a question of taking control of the equipment and regulating its energy consumption.

Our advice: Building management systems with an intelligent control solution including an energy efficiency application will enable buildings to reach their energy saving targets more quickly. Indeed, these solutions are the guarantors of the reduction of costs linked to the energy bill by making it possible to monitor the consumption of a building stock and to set up specific actions to reduce it.  In addition, this complete solution will easily allow the collection of data for CSR reporting purposes.

The BMS market is evolving with the arrival of new generation BMS that democratise this market segment through the use of technologies from the IoT world. It is a question of installing more efficient BMS that are interoperable with all existing equipment, with faster returns on investment than other actions aimed at reducing building consumption, such as renovating the building envelope.

How to finance your BMS ?

CEE form allows you to finance part of your investment for the integration of a class A or B Building Management System. To find out more: Link

Sensinov offers you to apply your own strategy to your buildings. Our solutions meet the challenges of openness, interoperability and are 100% in line with the new standards (R2S label, BACS decree, tertiary decree). BOS Sensinov supports building professionals in their daily work on several subjects, particularly in the areas of Hypervision and building supervision, equipment control and energy consumption optimisation.

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