Building Operating System for managing your buildings

Do you know how to distinguish between a "classic" building and an "intelligent" building?

The key lies in the use of data.

The digital transformation is having a major impact on the building sector, which is facing many challenges, particularly in terms of data collection and the development of high value-added services. On the one hand, we want to improve the comfort of the occupants of our buildings, and on the other hand we want to make life easier for property managers and facility managers.

Buildings are already rich in data, but this data is heterogeneous and comes from multiple sources on the ground, whether it be BMS, HVAC, SSI or even data from the IoT. Room temperature readings, electricity consumption analysis, air quality analysis, leak detection, access control etc., everything seems to be ready for a digital revolution!

Well, not quite.

All too often, this data remains untapped. The reason? It is communicated via different languages (fieldbus, wireless networks, computer bus, etc.), which makes it difficult to process and exchange. It's like talking to someone who doesn't speak the same language as you. It's hard to communicate without a translator, isn't it? It's a bit like that here.

Yet this data has real value in managing buildings to transform their life cycle. It has huge potential in terms of energy efficiency, cost reduction and comfort improvement. When it is possible to deploy 10 service applications today, it would be possible to develop 100 times more thanks to better accessibility and efficient processing. The challenge is therefore to create a real service platform for building managers: hypervision, space optimisation, predictive maintenance, energy efficiency, etc. But also for occupants: room reservation, office comfort management, etc.

How to facilitate and accelerate access to new applications and erase the complexity of the field? How can we break down the silos on which this equipment is based?

This is where the Building Operating System comes in. The BOS is the connection bridge between a building's equipment and the applications that will be used by building managers and occupants. A true interoperability brick at the heart of the building, the BOS is what is known as a "middleware" software platform. It will collect all the building's data (internal or external), centralise it, unify it and enrich it in a single repository in order to send it in the right format to any application that needs it. This can be maintenance, operation or usage applications in order to facilitate their understanding.

By acting as a translator over time, the management of information flows is simplified between systems as there will no longer be a repository specific to each system but a single repository shared by all systems.

This open and scalable platform makes data accessible to developers of business applications: hypervision, energy efficiency, space management, predictive maintenance, etc., and integrates data from external applications (BIM, CMMS, SSI, GTPAO, etc.) via secure API.

More than a data management platform that allows equipment to be connected or data to be shared, the BOS is also an application development platform that will facilitate the deployment of a large volume of applications.

Today, the necessary ingredient for the Smart Building, like iOS with Apple or Android with Google, is its operating system: the Building OS.  It connects equipment to service applications in the same way that iOS connects headphones to Spotify, Deezer or YouTube.

Because it was the OS that turned a phone into a smartphone, it will be the BOS that will turn a building into a smart building!

Sensinov proposes to apply your own strategy to your buildings. Our solutions meet the challenges of openness and interoperability and are 100% in line with the new standards (R2S label, BACS decree, tertiary decree). BOS Sensinov supports building professionals in their daily work on several subjects, particularly in the areas of Hypervision and building supervision, equipment control and energy consumption optimisation.

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