Why you should have a BMS in your building ?

Whether in the construction, maintenance or operation phase of a building, the Building Operating System is an integral part of the real estate asset. The BOS favours the emergence of "intelligent buildings" which ensure the recovery, analysis and exploitation of large quantities of data for continuous learning. So what does this new technology bring to all players in the real estate industry?

Are you a facility manager or site manager?

Caught between the need to reduce operating costs and suppliers sometimes taking advantage of their monopoly to charge a high price for any maintenance action, the utility finds itself tied hand and foot. It is also difficult to improve energy performance when it is necessary to carry out manual meter reading rounds, connect to several different platforms, or send technicians on site to ensure that the infrastructure is working properly. Hence the importance of using a connected and interoperable BOS, where simplified access to data offers a wealth of productivity for site managers.

As a site manager, you can access all your site data on a single, centralised platform. Analyses of consumption data, anticipation of breakdowns, measurement of space occupation, etc. Everything is just a click away.

Imagine managing a fleet of buildings and having to log in to each site-specific interface to access your building information. A long and laborious process, isn't it? With a quick-to-implement solution like BOS, it is now possible to remotely manage your entire fleet from a simple web browser. This tool allows you to easily control operational costs, avoid unnecessary travel and offer competitive contracts.

Are you a property or asset manager?

Buildings are not just another financial asset. A building stock that is connected, more responsive to environmental issues and that offers new and innovative services for its occupants... it is a building stock whose value increases and attracts new occupants, while simplifying its operation. The building, which has become intelligent thanks to the BOS, is evolving to meet the needs and expectations of its users, who are increasingly demanding.

The company operating the building will take advantage of this large source of heterogeneous data to create a real service platform for users. Indeed, the accessible data will be the source for creating new services for improving comfort and well-being at work which are directly linked to productivity. For example, better air quality with adequate CO2 levels improves concentration, reduces the risk of illness and absenteeism. A pleasant working environment, better control over environmental conditions or better space management are all issues that increase occupant satisfaction. This transformation of the working environment in the building reflects the value that the company places on people and their uses.

In addition, the competitive intensity of the real estate market is very high, which is why it is necessary to invest in solutions that enhance the value of your assets in order to obtain the best return. It is very easy to optimise the management of your real estate assets, to analyse their consumption, to monitor their general condition or to anticipate their ageing when all the information is centralised on a single platform. Being proactive on the real estate market is an essential quality to control your real estate portfolio.

The introduction of new technologies such as BOS is driven by the need for disruptive innovation in building management to meet new demands. Any building that cannot exploit its data in the coming years will face a depreciation in value. The aim of BOS is to secure the future of buildings, by equipping them with intelligent, scalable and open services.

Sensinov offers to apply your own strategy to your buildings. Our solutions meet the challenges of openness, interoperability and are 100% in line with the new standards (R2S label, BACS decree, tertiary decree). BOS Sensinov supports building professionals in their daily work on several subjects, particularly in the areas of Hypervision and building supervision, equipment control and energy consumption optimisation.

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