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  • Sensinov brings its IoT platform to automated driving industry

    Sensinov participates in the official kickoff of AUTOPILOT, a large scale european project for automated driving Progressed by internet of things. The Project connects the vehicle to the cloud using oneM2M standard provided by Sensinov to develop new services on top for autonomous car sharing, automated parking, and enhanced digital dynamic maps to allow fully autonomous driving.

  • Sensinov joins IoT Valley

    Sensinov joins IoT Valley, Europe reference business ecosystem specialized in IoT and startup acceleration. Through joining the IoT Valley, Sensinov will team up with several innovative IoT players to expand the addressable market for its industry leading IoT platform in key, and across, vertical markets.

  • Sensinov demonstrates IoT interoperability with international industry players in Kobe

    Sensinov tested and validated its oneM2M platform with more than 20 companies in an event that attracted 60 engineers during the 3rd oneM2M interop event in Kobe. Sensinov played an active part in the success of this event by presenting a daily wrap-up conclusion allowing the participants to exchange views around the progress of the testing activities.

  • IBM and Sensinov demonstrate IoT and analytics in action

    Sensinov and IBM present a joint demonstration at oneM2M Showcase in Sophia Antipolis. This demonstration shows how Sensinov oneM2M platform can be used in combination with IBM Watson IoT to capture and analyze IoT data from smart appliances in real-time to generate insight, improve product quality and develop close customer engagement.

  • Sensinov animates a developer day at the ETSI IoT workshop in Nice

    Sensinov presents oneM2M tutorials dedicated to IoT developers during the ETSI IoT workshop (Nov 2016). The spirit of this initiative is to help developers get up to speed through a hands-on development of IoT applications using oneM2M platform. The participants have the chance to experiene the Eclipse OM2M open source, led by Sensinov.

  • Sensinov showcases its IoT capabilities at IoT Korea Week in Seoul

    Sensinov showcases its IoT platform in action at the Seoul Korea week, the largest conference and showcase event dedicated to IoT in Korea. Founder and CEO, Mahdi Ben Alaya, provided a keynote speech highlighting the role of open source in community and market creation. The event was the occasion to strengthen the ongoing collaborations with Korean industry and innovations players. Sensinov thanks KETI for their invitation and hospitality.

  • Collabortion with Carlton University supported by the French Embassy in Ottawa

    Invited by Carlton University and the French embassy in Ottawa, Sensinov and LAAS-CNRS provided a talk about Smart Cities and the role of horizontal IoT platforms to Carlton University faculties. It was agreed to extend the collaboration around Smart Building use cases.

  • Sensinov successfully demonstrated interoperability at the oneM2M interop event in Seoul

    Sensinov tested and validated successfully its IoT platform interoperability with a total of 20 companies at the 2nd oneM2M interop event in Seoul. Sensinov volunteered to enhance oneM2M specifications according to the findings of the interop event.

  • Sensinov organizes an IoT school at Sejong University in Seoul

    Sensinov animates a developer day at the Sejong University of Seoul and shared its vision on IoT interoperability with students and developers. Developers used Sensinov SDK to quickly and easily integrate devices and applications from different vendors in the domains of home automation. Sensinov organized recently a similar school at National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) in Taiwan.

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